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January 25, 2008


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We've had the same weather this week (without ice, but I own the Yaktrax too!) and wow, wool layers really are great. I wore two sweaters yesterday under my coat. Walking in 10 degrees is nippy, but stimulating! I got to wear my heavy Icelandic sweater today for the first time this season...sadly, the temperature is warming up and so am I! (if you ever are tempted by acrylic again, just drop me a line. I'll send emergency yarn. I'm not ever lacking in that department,and I'm happy to share.)

Carrie K

Wool - good.

But sometimes what's on hand has to do and at least does the minimal job.

Cold! It's cooolllldd where you are.

Ruth I. Forbes of Crochet Designs by Nana Ruth

I have just knitted several pairs of socks for myself from pure wool in dksport and have never been warmer - even outside shovelling the mountain of snow that has fallen on us lately (Ontario Canada). Being over 60 now, with sluggish circulation, wool keeps my feet warm comfortably. Whereas acrylic tends to produce sweat which is not absorbed, wool absorbs excess moisture.

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