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January 18, 2008


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Initially I thought Koolhaas referred to "cold house" as in perfect-to-wear-inside-to-stay-warm. If it weren't for the Lopi sweater and the cats...


I know this is random, but I feel for you about the car and have you checked out any used Pontiac Azteks? I have one. I've also heard they are selling very inexpensively...that's because some folks think they are ugly. I think they are darn useful. It's a small SUV-shape, with plenty of room for two dog crates, or a lot of books, or five people, depending on how you use the thing. It comes in all-wheel drive or not. It has a lot of clearance off the ground, and it's not horrible in terms of mileage. (21-23 all wheel drive, 26? if not.) I like the knitting progress, and I'll hope that things get easier soon!

Donna Druchunas

Regarding having to move the marker at the end of rounds... on most simple patterns, if you just don't USE a marker at all, the pattern flows naturally around and around and around. (On some complex patterns, it is indeed necessary to move the markers because it's too hard to keep track in your head and you do need to know when the round actually ends.) On a hat, you can arbitrarily decide where the round begins and place a marker when you are ready to start the crown decreases.

I think this is an artifact of trying to write patterns in some standard way that always calls for a marker to indicate the beginning of the round. I did it in on the Fishtrap hat and wristers in Arctic Lace, and I wish I hadn't.

The chart I had originally drawn and included in the book would have worked if I didn't have a marker (the way I actually knitted the items), and just said something like, Set up the pattern according to the chart, then *Knit until you come to the next YO, ktbl into the YO, YO, k2togtbl* and continue to spiral around in this manner until you reach the desired length.

Instead, I wrote a "standard" pattern and ended up needing an errata on the chart, which is very ugly and makes the project look difficult even though it is a no-brainer.


I'm having a terrible time figuring out the pattern...or I must be doing something wrong? Am I supposed to twist the stitches on the cable needle?
Sigh... I saw the hat originally here on your blog and just "needed" one... or five. A skein of Noro Cash Iroha later and I'm loving it, but frustrated and feeling like I'm making too much of it :) You're an inspiration, I'll hang in there as a result of that pic of those two hats!

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