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January 08, 2008


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I see an SUV-hybrid in your future.

Deborah Robson

Wow, would I love that. "New" or even "kinda new" is not in the immediate picture as far as I've been able to calculate using all available resources that I'm currently aware of. The Highlander has been hybrid only since '06. (I'm cruising the '04s and '05s of various wheel-types.) There isn't a hybrid RAV4 yet. I'm not sure I want an Escape, although it would be fine by me if the '94 Explorer lasted *forever* (27 mpg because of its manual transmission, and does everything I want besides). First Escape hybrid year was '05, so it might meet the financial criteria, although I like to avoid the first year of ANY major introduction or redesign, if possible. Mazda JUST started making a hybrid SUV (too new for my budget); a Saturn Vue backed into me once when I was driving a low-slung Subaru sedan and then blamed the crunch on me (not good enough rear visibility for my taste); I clearly don't have a Lexus budget; and the rest of the current hybrid models are too honkin' big AND expensive (Tahoe, Mariner, Yukon).

I even tried to figure out if I could get a spinning wheel and six boxes of books and a dog crate into a Prius, but even if I could work out the space issues the suspension wouldn't handle it.

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