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December 19, 2007


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PGR will be held in my thoughts. I've admired her work for years.

Deborah Robson

Thanks, Cathy. Much appreciated.


Will there be another post holiday madness post or should interested parties e-mail that address now?

Deborah Robson

I'm planning to do a post-holiday reminder post, and you can e-mail now if you'd like. I'll just start the good-thoughts stash!

Nancy J

PGR has been one of my favorite designers! The gansey I knit last summer was her pattern from an early Knitter's magazine (recently bas****ized in IK, which totally ticked me off.)I've read her work now longer than I'd like to admit! I'll be happy to send encouragement in January after your reminder.

Janice in GA

Long years ago, I had the great good pleasure of having a workshop with PGR in Atlanta. (The inscription in my copy of "Knitting in the Old Way" says it was in March of 1991.) I remember having a good time there, but the big thing that sticks in my mind was the story she told about washing fleece. She mentioned that she could wash a fleece and go back out in an hour or so, and it would be dry. All the handspinners, in unison, heaved a sigh of longing. In humid Atlanta, we're lucky if our fleeces dry overNIGHT! :)

I remember Ms. Roberts as being cheerful and informative, and I'm heartily sorry to hear that she's having problems. Getting old is no fun for anyone. When you get to the point that it's hard for you to do the things you love, it must be that much harder.

My very best wishes and good thoughts to her, for warmth and health and dry fleeces this winter! :)


My most precious book is Ethnic Socks and Stockings. She did the research, and when I needed answers (after being given 4 pair of socks from Turkey) I just had to go into her book and she told me how the socks were done.

I teach Turkish socks. I write Turkish-inspired sock patterns. I could not do much of what I do without the information I've gained from PGR's work.

I am SO glad you posted this. I'm only sad that I've been so busy with my own life that I did not notice the post for most of a week.

Tracy J

Hello. I first "met" Priscilla Gibson-Roberts 1n 1997 in "knitting in America". I fell in love with the wimples and the idea of spinning for them. I managed to knit one, but never got to spinning for them. Still, the article inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone and do somethings that I never thought I could do. Take care and get better, Priscilla.


i love priscilla's book that i find so useful and intelligent and which has helped me eliminate a few problems i had with my knitting. i love the cultural history of knitting that she addresses so very well too.

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