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December 18, 2007


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From my viewpoint/monitor - it appears we chose the same color for the main coat of our houses. Mine is Glidden's Secret Garden with Glidden's Moss or something like that (the next color up from SG) as trim - painted last spring. Love the red door. Very cheery.

Deborah Robson

I'm not sure what the brand was (it came in 5-gallon unlabeled buckets). The trim is a pale yellow. . . . The red was a BIG guess. Almost impossible to extrapolate a red from a paint chip. I wasn't sure when it was first painted, but figured we could always re-color that bit. Now I like it.


I love this cat picture. It is exactly how I've been feeling. The house looks great, too! Very cheering...


I love a red door... it's so feng shui to me! I always look forward to the updates on your blog. :) Now back to my endless Christmas knitting.... I guess we all try to knit all our Christmas presents at least once in life, huh? "Once" being the operative word. Happy hols!



The house looks lovely! I can't believe cats can get that old!

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