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December 21, 2007


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And that is why I am on dial-up. G-mail has some good qualities - one of which I can use it as a stash for e-mails I don't want to delete but don't need right at hand. I forward those over to my g-mail account.


Wow. I have over 800 messages in my inbox, and every time I try to get rid of some, well, I get it down to no less than 600. Your goals are inspirational. Maybe I should work on this...


My Eudora inbox has 618 messages, out is 848. And I thinned them out last week.

I used to do computer consulting. I know that Eudora does not want to go anywhere near 1000 messages, either In, Out or Trash. Those folders do not work the same as the other storage folders.

I also find that a lot of open windows make Eudora crash and when I restart, all the windows have closed themselves. At least that's true since I moved up from version 6.4 to 7.anything. I miss 6.4, it was the most stable Eudora I had and the features were fine.

Need to clean the Out, and fast. Thanks for the reminder.



I'm down to 600 in my inbox. Twice before I've done that kind of mass delete that you mentioned. Very freeing! I keep meaning to sort, put in the "action" or the "waiting for" folders, but what I'm really going to do is push the delete button and start fresh. It's stressing me out!

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