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October 31, 2007


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Kristi aka Fiber Fool

Nothing more frustrating than dealing with computers some days. I have an OS re-install (and at the same time I'll be upgrading my hard drive to a bigger one) in my future. The trouble is I can't figure out when it is okay to be without my files and such for about three days. *sigh*

Love your Halloween costumes!


What fun costumes! I am still trying not to hyperventilate from reading about your charting/computer interface. Wow. You have the patience of...a longtime editor? :)

We had one trick or treater, and someone vandalized our picket fence. Ahh. Halloween.

Deborah Robson

I only upgrade when I don't have a book at a vulnerable stage, which is why my Adobe software just got to CS2 level a few weeks before CS3 was released.

We actually had about a dozen trick-or-treaters . . . more than last year! It might have been the orange pumpkin on the porch light that encouraged them.


I feel your pain. No matter how skilled we are as a geek, aren't there times when we just want to turn to someone and say 'Make it GO'? I hope you continue to tell the saga, I would love to know how you fixed things. No doubt you will receive a lot of 'helpful' advice.

Nancy J

Am very fond of your 'costumes'...you know they'll be back in style.


Oh, the woes of technology. I'm still cursing Windows Vista and I've had it since May or June. Ugh. So frustrating to expect a tool to do its job and be let down.

Someday I'll need to learn Illustrator. For now, InDesign is fascinating me at least, while I'm still relatively clueless about it.

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