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October 15, 2007


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Dave Lucas

Wow! You've really been busy writing! Here's my little green two cents worth: http://dave-lucas.blogspot.com/2007/10/blog-action-day-2007-salute-to-al-gore.html


I really respect you and Nomad Press for your decisions. It is hard to make environmental decisions and choices work in an economy that doesn't prioritize that,so that makes Nomad's choice even more admirable. Good for you!

Nancy J

I applaud your efforts. And, I am grateful that you print within the USA...I certainly would accept Canada, too. I don't wish to sound prejudiced, but the quality of North American work is far above that of some other publishing/press operations. Cost-effective is not preferable when one has to deal with environmental nightmares, such as the toy industry, for one, is dealing with currently.

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