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October 15, 2007


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Kristina Richardson

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One of the down sides of moving out of the city for me was that I had to buy a car, because the transit service was so dreadful that it would take me a whole morning to run a fifteen-minute errand.

My needs are smaller than yours, so I got a Smart. And over the last year, I've been getting back on my bike when the weather is good and when I don't have to make stops for groceries.

I do miss living within walking distance of everything I need, but I think those days are gone for us. Thanks for sharing your experience, it gives me some food for thought on how I might be able to make more changes.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool

I recognize you garage location. That is our regular garage for my car. DH's is complicated being a foreign diesel so he now takes his elsewhere.

I have to say I've been very disappointed in our mass transit here. I was expecting better when I moved here in 1999 and I think it has gotten worse since then.

Janice in GA

I checked out my address on that Walk Score site.

Score = 5 out of 100. Of course, I'm in a suburb of Atlanta where very little allowance is made for walking. I do walk some anyway, or ride my bike sometimes. Bike riding is a little fraught, though, since it's hilly and I'm getting older and wobbly-er, and there are neither bike lanes nor sidewalks on most of the routes I need to go. Alas.


Inclimate weather sure puts a damper on our best intentions.

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