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September 25, 2007


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Nancy J

The editors are probably 1. On a break 2. Screaming at a staff meeting 3. Accusing everyone but themselves of "computer operator error."


I tell my students this over and over. I collected the first paper today, and gave my "I'm-not-your-copy-editor" speech, in which I explain that I will only yell about patterns and about things that disrupt my reading. Still, there are plenty of those...

My mom asked if I needed anything for my birthday, and I said "The Chicago Manual of Style." She said I was boring, but got it for me anyway. :) I'm amassing a small collection of editing and writing manuals.

Deborah Robson

Corey, your mother may think you are boring, but I think you are not at all. Now, if you'd asked for the APA style manual, which makes me nuts, I'd wonder about you. . . .


I agree with you. The world needs more competent editors. I like the ones who are efficient, kind, and don't edit "for their health," but do catch misspelled words, homonyms, and other reasonable errors. Oh, and when I gave up on our bad local paper, I got an email subscription via yahoo to For Better or Worse online. I read it every day!

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