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September 07, 2007


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Nancy J

Oh, I So wish I lived closer to the Scandinavian conference! (and, your link wouldn't work for me!) I've been watching the conference devekop since it was first announced last year. It just takes too long to drive out and back in October when my husband's working. If it would have been last month, then I could have gone.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool

That Scandinavian conference sounds so wonderful! I'll need to remember that center for whenever we make it up that direction.

The coriolis are *very* fun! But I haven't touched the book since I finished mine so it isn't like you are that far ahead. I am excited to knit some in my usual gauge and size though to see how it feels on my feet. Are you using the same yar in a different color for this pair as well?

Deborah Robson

I'll report on the Scandinavian conference . . . or on what I see of it. I'll only see a portion.

Yes, that's Microspun again. I have leftovers from a project for Leisure Arts and I like the colors. Some folks have trouble with the strands splitting; it's been pretty good for me, although not on the heel stitch of the coriolis sock. It split a lot there, and because I'm just goofing off on the little socks, I didn't fuss with it. I just took a crochet hook and pulled the bits to the inside. Funny that it only got hard to keep together on that one section of the sock.


A Scandinavian knitting conference? I had no idea. I even could have freed up that weekend though I can not free up funds to come out.


Maybe next time, if there is one.

(Maybe Microspun likes being knit in the round rather than purled back? Since I have not tried the Coriolis sock I am just guessing.)

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