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September 03, 2007


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I find the process you have gone through with your book very interesting. Thank you for sharing. It makes me more aware of the work involved. I will be less critical of errors found in knitting books.


Now I'm beginning to understand why it takes so long to publish a book.


Oy. I'm getting all anxious here just reading about what you have to go through at this stage. Do publishers drink a lot? ;)

Deborah Robson

Thanks for your notes! I'm critical of errors found in knitting books, but I don't start criticizing unless I think the gremlins were given a key to the computer (sometimes happens). And it takes a LOOOONG time to publish a book. Even when you work on it for hours every day. Some publishers drink a lot. I try to make mine tea, though. I need to keep my wits about me to keep the error-gremlins from sneaking in even more often than they do when I'm totally vigilant.

lynne s of oz

Hmm, writing a thesis was tough enough! So was getting a scientific paper published. Publishing a book sounds totally scary! At least papers are read by very few and theses by even fewer. Books are read by people like me to pounce on every typo or grammatical error!


Deb, it's such a relief to see *you* writing about the gremlins. I am in terror of those kind people who are so adept at finding every typo and grammatical error. When I was preparing my (self published) book I was in tremendous fear of the mistakes that would inevitably find their way into the final product. Yes, they're there, and the mysteriously perfect readers keep finding them, but I force myself to be gracious about it. FWIW, my printer, Snohomish Publishing still produces real film and sent me bluelines. I marked them with a fine point sharpie. For all the good it did me. Looking forward to meeting you at the conference in October.

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