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September 25, 2007


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Janet Szabo

You lucky gal! I'd love to go to a big singing like that, although I belong to a Mennonite church here and we have "mini-sings" once a month. Four-part acapella singing is part of this group's heritage. The only time I don't like shaped notes is when I have to play the song on the piano--the old Mennonite hymnal was all in shaped notes and sometimes we still sing out of that book (so few people know how to read music anymore that they want the piano to play along). It's hard to read four shapes at once, plus I'd rather be singing. :-) Are you an alto? Soprano? If you ever get up here to Montana we'll organize a singing just for you.


You do shape-note singing? Oh my. I did a bit of it at the local folk festival a couple of years ago and was really amazed at the gorgeous open sound. We were arranged in a "square", and it was a real sonic trip to stand in the centre of the square. You've got the CD by Anonymous 4 ("American Angels"), I expect?

Janice in GA

I used to do shape note singing. Back in the 80's, I'd pull up to a singing site on my Kawasaki motorcycle. Folks there didn't blink an eye -- just welcomed me in and helped me get started. I loved that about them. I just don't get a chance to go too much anymore. It's a great experience.

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