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August 01, 2007


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Janet Szabo

Noooooooooo!—my cell phone and laser printer are operational at the moment, but I have had the experience of seeing an entire file re-rendered in Times New Roman. I sympathize. I hope it all works out.


hugs!! I hope it all starts behaving!


OH. Gee. (bad words deleted) I hope you had a big drinkypoo yesterday evening? We are in the midst of changing phone companies and hence, I must give up my beloved 4 year old cell phone. I am already anticipating upsetting things happening. We're doing this partially because my husband's phone sounds like R2D2 (erratic beeping) and won't let us shut it off...we have to remove the battery to achieve silence! Oh, and our air conditioner works again, and the husband's old computer now works--$600 later and after the purchase of a new one. These things happen all at once. I wish it weren't so. Maybe you're right to spend some time on Knit Design instead!? Or some lovely time outside with the dogs?!

Donna Druchunas

Yikes, the charts!


Repeat after me: "This, too, shall pass." Nothing lasts forever, thank goodness. I'm dealing with computer issues myself... PhotoShop only wants to run sometimes, and my CD/DVD drive intermittantly doesn't work, doesn't even show up in "My Computer."

You will have a day off again, sometime. Till then, drink good tea and breathe deeply.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool

Oh noooooo! Yikes!


Sounds like a bad day. Hope today brings resolution!

Deborah Robson

Thanks for encouraging comments. Yes, the charts. Yes, confounded Times New Roman (the only thing maybe worse is Courier).

Better now . . . because I re-did the charts as graphics. It could have been worse.

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