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August 30, 2007


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Douglas Eby

Thanks for a very helpful overview. As you note, "Giftedness is generally not an 'okay' topic of conversation in our society." And that still holds for gifted adults, who may reject the label for fear of "standing out" too much, or have "forgotten" they were once exceptional.


I am so glad that you (and all others) took the time to put this book together. I myself was considered a "gifted" child, however, my parents did not have resources like this to work with and still sometimes have difficulty understanding how my mind works. Luckily, my teachers at the time recognized my abilities and sent me off to special classes. As a side note, I have recently been in touch with a few people that were also in those classes (ahh, the power of the internet to find people), they also have gone far in their own endeavors. I would greatly encourage you to continue to write about your expiriences with parenting the exeptional, there are so many lives that can be bettered by simply knowing that someone else has gone through it and found the road to be successful and well adjusted. My prayers are with you all and may God bless all that you do. Thank you.

And as reply to Douglas' comment, you are quite on the mark. You ladies are a Godsend in a time when I have been completely frustrated with my inability to cope with things that are considered "normal". At times I feel like I couldn't possiby be THAT gifted if I can't do simple things...thank you for reminding me that it's OK to be different (so simple yet so easy to forget).


I just wanted to thank you and your fellow editors for putting this book together. I ordered it on Amazon after reading this post several weeks ago and finally received it in the post today (I am in the UK). I have already finished reading it. I have read most books available on this topic, but found the format and content of this one moving and enlightening. The terminology of 'giftedness' (let alone any distinction among degrees of it) is still quite taboo over here, at least in my experience (we speak self-deprecatingly of "quite bright" children). I just thought I was a freak! Congratulations again on an excellent resource.

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