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July 02, 2007


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Janet Szabo

Deb, it's so nice to hear that someone else works the same way I do.:-)


I really enjoy reading about the publishing (and pretty much everything else you write about too). I am currently working on a book and so it's very fascinating to read about how you work on a book. For example, I hadn't thought about using "green" paper, but now I will find out more about it. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Susan J Tweit

Good luck with the revisioning of ETHNIC KNITTING DISCOVERY, and congrats on the awards and continuing sales of ARCTIC LACE! I'm interested in the Green Press Institute - I'll have to check that out.

Since I know you have nothing to do (hah!), I tagged you for the Eight Random Facts meme. It's a fun game for when you have a few spare moments, and could well bring you some new readers. If you want to play, visit my blog for the rules and my Eight Random Facts. ;~)

Deborah Robson

Well, tagged, eh? I haven't done any of these yet, and nope, I don't have a spare brain cell. But *if* I get the schematics tweaked and that ONE last pattern straightened out (the one that's been haunting me since last fall), I'll go take a look at Susan's blog for the rules and see if a single brain cell fires. . . .

I look forward to hearing more about your book when it's time, Janel!

And Janet, it's good to have congenial fellow travelers in this knitting/publishing thing. You do such fine work.

Dani Greer

I'm tagged, too, and was going to tag you but..... LOL. So I'll simply say that your blog has turned into quite the fabulous bit of reading. Nice job.... why haven't I visited sooner?


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