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July 09, 2007


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Thanks for those quotes! I went and ordered that novel this AM--it wasn't available at my library and I trust your recommendations!

Is there a way to add more schematics or illustrations that truly enrich those extra pages of the book? (tough question!) Or a "notes" section? I actually love books that have some white space. It makes me appreciate what's on the pages a bit more, too.

Deb Robson

Hi, Joanne:

Let me know what you think of the novel! I think/hope you will enjoy it.

Actually, enriching the pages is exactly what I aim to do, although I won't get an idea of how to do that until I see what I'm working with in the way of space and possible enriching elements. And it's a very tough question.

"Notes" can be awkward. I've tried that, and readers perceived that there were pages being "wasted."

I love white space, too, which is why I won't just cram everything in! And that's not the "cowboy way" (for those familiar with Riders in the Sky, www.ridersinthesky.com).



There are some cool flipbooks to look at here http://www.flippies.com

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