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July 18, 2007


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I have only once had to work on the computer for any real printwork... when we issued our In The Garden CD.

Brian did the artwork and then the printer couldn't take his format. I had to install and learn CorelDraw on the fly, and it had CMYK (I always work RGB because I work for the web almost exclusively). At least Brian had made all the decisions on how it should look.

In the end we thought we had flamingo pink (when we printed it on our color-laser printer) and we got a sort of Mary Kay soft pink on glossy paper from the CD factory when it came as a proof for approval.

We decided that would be just fine, rather than spending how much time trying to get it right. I'm facing a huge learning curve if we need to do this again. Ugh.

You sound like you're staying sane in the middle of it all. Good for you. My assignment for 2 days is to knit like the wind and finish something by Thurs. Night. The knitting I did yesterday I need to rip out. Sigh...


Love that link to EKD, Deb! :D

Deborah Robson

Glad you found (and liked) the Ethnic Knitting link, Marcy. When I have time, I enjoy finding interesting links. . . . And Lynn, color proofing for print from computer files is an ongoing challenge. My current learning curve involves Illustrator. . . .

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