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July 07, 2007


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Thanks for the link to Agnes Meyer, fascinating.

I love Opal yarn, it washes up soft and fluffy but wears much longer than the merino stuff (which is so soft I use it anyway, but you are so right about its limited lifespan). There are other sockyarns that may last longer but maybe none are as soft.

And I hate to break it to you, but I bought the Felt issue Thursday at Rae's (one of my LYS's).

May you find 10 pages to magically disappear without disappearing any material. I've been a secretary enough to know how impossible that goal can be. Crossing fingers for you here in Michigan...


Lean Mean Thirteen is on my list for braindead reading as well. I hear you about being overwhelmed by details...I hope your 160 happens, or you make peace with adding more pages. Wish I could control my details all, put them in order, and make things work more easily these days, but that's just wishful thinking, I guess...

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