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June 05, 2007


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Kristi aka Fiber Fool

Ooo, we saw the premier of A Most Notorious Woman. We saw it very early in the run and it was rather long at nearly 4 hours if I recall correctly, but it was good!


We lost our son last fall, we're constantly running across all kinds of reminders of him. We talk about him alot, especially when we see something he would have liked.

He was a very good artist, but a very troubled person--I don't think we'll ever really get over losing him.

Crik Christophel

I was about to send Deb samples from this year's shearing when I heard of her death. We met in Virginia and quickly became friends. We were both originally Hoosiers and also both spinners and knitters. We stayed in touch through phone calls, emails and the occasional conference as roommates. I always enjoyed her reporting on her research. She will be missed.

Molly Lyons

Dear Deb,
What a surprise to stumble upon this blog!
I was researching the internet for a couple of theatres to submit my play and your blog was listed.
I'm so moved and pleased, I hardly know what to say which, as you've seen my show, you know is surprising.
I'd love to chat with you about the changes the play has undergone and the places it has visited.
Molly Lyons
A Most Notorious Woman
P.S. for Kristi - while the BBTC premiere was long and may have SEEMED 4 hours, it ran only 2:40 and is now down to a neat 2 hour including intermision. :-)

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