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June 21, 2007


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Kristi aka Fiber Fool

*sigh* such beauty! I hope you some find restoration on your trip!


I bought the magazine with Alice Walker on the cover, on my trip from Dallas home! how can you resist those honest eyes? What a woman she is. It was a fascinating article, though I'm clearly not as spiritually evolved as she is.

Alaska is so beautiful but I've never had a yearning for it. Probably that's because I yearn so strongly for large cities with skyscrapers rather than natural scenes. I do want to see Australia some day, but they have both nature and cities.

However, Alaska keeps coming up, several friends have gone lately. Maybe it's in my future and I don't know it yet. I'm sure I'd like it if i were there.

I *do* love my Raven Frog yarn from Alaska. I'm 3/4 through a pair at this point and I've had the yarn just over a week, even though I have work knitting to do as well.

I like your temporary perch/office, I could do that myself. How cool about your coffee delivery!

your kid

Hurrah for random beverage-delivery! I might have done something similar if I had been there. :) Do you think it was the resourcefulness of your office-locating that prompted this reward, or was it because you looked like you could use a break?

Hope you keep having fun and encountering lots of wildlife--say hi to a raven for me?


In some weird ways, we are fellow travelers with similiar issues! I managed to have great internet access on this last trip to Eugene, OR...as you know, it is always a crap shoot as to whether that will happen. I even had good tea. However, I am so with you on the exhaustion of multiple flights. I hope the wildlife, your bonus cup of coffee, and your time in Alaska makes up for life's inconveniences. I am still battling publishing bureaucracy and don't know if my book's photography will work out. Argh. Enjoy your journeys!

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