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May 29, 2007


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Your trip includes things I never even knew about and wouldn't necessarily pursue... and we both love New York. That's one of the best things about the city. It's dense with wonder!

Enjoy the trip. I'm off to Columbus Friday... a city I've never yet "collected" though I'll be at a conference center and with people who don't like to adventure with food. Maybe I'll find a buddy while I'm there who can take me to an ethnic restaurant if I'm lucky.

Deborah Robson

Hi, Lynn: Yeah, it's fascinating to me how many layers there are to this city. In my initial post, I realized I'd focused so closely on art museums. I haven't heard much music here, but I think that's because I often travel alone--or with a friend who is into Broadway plays and likes company when she attends them. I'm also always here for a conference that consumes large chunks of both days and evenings. I'd go find ethnic food with you if I were in Columbus! Deb

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