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March 31, 2007


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Kristi aka Fiber Fool

It seems like a book much needed out there and you guys made a great team to put it together. I often find the "experts" to not know as much as those who have risen out the trenches, so I expect this book will be of great help to others.


You must be thrilled. Congratulations. My dad was in the gifted category, it definitely had two edges to the sword for him. It was good for his career, many of his colleagues tell me my father was the smartest person they ever knew. It must be hard to not really have peers, I'd think.

I'm happy for you and for the world, that this book is nearly born.


Just caught up on your blog and so glad I did. Your book sounds fabulous and so so necessary. School (and life) need to be so much more interesting with kids with high IQ...and few people know what to do about it. As a teacher, I saw this, I'm married to a very bright person, and well, I'm part of a family of smart folk. I wish this book could have been around for my mom, and I know it will help countless others out there. My mil's approach? I don't think she kept the results of my husband's and bil's IQ tests. She told them something like it was completely unhelpful information for them to know and that they needed to work hard at dealing with life, as it happened...that life is hard for everybody! I think that advice helped!

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