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March 27, 2007


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It's absolutely gorgeous. So worth all the time and effort. Thanks for sharing your process. Also, I was tickled to read about your daughter's earthworm conservation. It's a practice my husband and I engage in regularly and it was so fun/funny to read about someone else doing the same thing - and a link to actual information on it!!


The finished Norsk is just wonderful. Thank you for showing the inside of your buttonband and your steek finishing.
I've just been reading your previous notes about the making of this cardigan. I really appreciate your attention to the details.
I am glad I can refer to them as I work on a fairisle vest that I am making with steeks. I got a bit nervous when I realized that after the circular knitting, which is easier with colours, I would have to cut it.
Thanks again.


What an incredible amazing piece of art. . . . not even in my wildest dreams.


It's fabulous. Stitch in the ditch with crochet chain? Better in knitting than in sewing, for sure. Wonderful!

I love Eric Maisel, too. Fearless Creating is one of my fave books on living the life of an artist.

Right now I'm knitting stranded myself, in 13 colors (only 2 at a time) for the fashion show at Dallas-Ft. Worth Fiberfest.

It is so much fun, I wonder why I don't let myself do this sort of thing more often. I love color SO much.

Congrats on your perfect sweater-companion.


What an absolutely gorgeous product from your knitting efforts! You will have years of wear out of such a wonderful sweater and bravo for all the wonderful finishing. I admire your tenacity.


Wear that sweater in my presence at your own peril. A titanic achievement!


Wow.. a work of art.I especially like to see the sweater in action with the dogs. That's my kind of special knitwear. Wear it for a long time, and in good health!

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