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February 04, 2007


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Kristi aka Fiber Fool

I really enjoy getting to sit on the sidelines and watch you problem solve the design of this sweater. It is so wonderful to get to be inside a designers head!

As for the English/Continental - I'm English too for more or less the same reasons you mentioned. But, both A and I have been mistaken for being Continental just because of the speed we can get. English isn't always so slow as they like to say.

Deborah Robson

Hi, Kristi:
Glad you're enjoying it! I don't like to write up patterns, but I do like talking through my process.

Nope, English isn't as slow as some folks think. A knowledgeable knitter once remarked that I was slow by the stitch but fast by the week. I do manage to finish a fair number of items.

That won't often be apparent here. For example, a lot of what I've been knitting lately are samples for the artist to draw from for our next title: partial gussets, step-outs for steeks (many fewer than are required for the Knitty Gritty guests--fortunately!), and so on. Speaking of which . . . the artist's arriving in an hour and I need to mount and label the latest group of reference pieces for her. . . .

I've also dug out some socks that were half-done and that I need to finish because I've blown out the heels on most of what's around here. The commercial ones aren't worth mending, and I haven't felt like snipping/reknitting the hand-knits' heels. I may snap photos of the new socks and put them up some day.

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