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December 20, 2006


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Donna Druchunas

Hey, those are my driving gloves in that photo!

I cancelled my appointments today, too. Just doing bookkeeping and editing a chapter about basic crochet stitches in a book by another author. And, getting lots of emails from people who want to meet with me at TNNA next month. Maybe it's good that my 2nd class got cancelled. The class I am teaching is almost full, and I'll have more time to network and schmooze!

Deborah Robson

You're going to have to share stories when you come back from TNNA! I've never been.

Judy P

Yes,a perfect day here too. Tomorrow also sounds promising for staying in and knitting. Maybe I should cast on for a gaiter.


FYI -- According to the local news segment on KUNC, some muckety-muck of our local school district officially apologized for not calling a snow day today, and finally let everybody go home (officially) at 2 p.m.

I'm not a knitter, but at the moment, I am seriously considering taking it up - the snow is shoulder height (and I am not a petite person) on our back porch, not counting the tunnel-like structure we have shoveled (repeatedly) for the much-shorter-than-the-snowdrifts dog. Vividly colored (so you can find me when I fall into a drift) toasty warm (so I don't freeze while awaiting rescue) sweaters sound like an excellent idea...


Deborah Robson

Yes, Judy, you can knit! and your ideas about color and warmth make perfect sense. By the way, did you know that wet wool *generates heat*? A chemical reaction occurs as the water is absorbed into the wool and that reaction generates a bit of warmth. Synthetics don't do this.

More photos today. I just took them.


You're making that sweater in my size, right? ;-)

It's stunning!

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