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December 18, 2006


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Kristi aka Fiber Fool

Whew, you weren't kidding last night! It was a pleasure to get to crawl around in your head as you work out a design though!


Oh, I love this post! Thank you for letting us walk through your process with you.

Some processes are hard to re-document having come out the other side. I'm sure I can not reconstruct my process for the self portrait, for example.

For someone (me) who doesn't make many sweaters (and who LOVES this sort of scandinavian design), this post was truly delightful. Thanks.


whew. that was a lot of writing! Like many other fiber artists, one would easily think you are very focused or, at least, retentive. I tend to be the same way! I had started out looking for a mere photo of margaretha finseth and I wound up reading about you working on one of those sweaters in that book. I have made two of the sweaters and am about to start the third. I have made the botanical jumper and a lady in Providence wears it now, and I knitted the cover jacket (winter darkness and light) for the lady that taught me to knit in North Texas. I am about to start on the rainbow hued cardigan but wanted to ask your opinion if you think it would be easier to merely do the two fronts (adding stitches to the side) and the back as a separate piece - or knit back-n-forth without steeking the front (I am so bored of steeks now!)

what do you think?

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