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October 31, 2006


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Corey Mahoney

I've seen you in that sweater!

I'm thinking possibly to make a sweater, but am intimidated. I'm all about the raglan! my shoulders are too broad--I've instituted a raglan-only shopping rule.

I'm feeling more and more like knitting the worse this plagiarism saga gets...

Deb Robson

Hi, Corey: I have *just* figured out how to comment on my own blog. It required an activation process that took about an hour. One step at a time. . . .
Knitting is a very sane response to plagiarizing students.
We can get you over the sweater intimidation. I love this sweater, and it's the essence of simplicity. There are, of course, a gazillion options. But you can definitely do a sweater.


This is such a lovely "homage" to a sweater. Sweaters have a certain nostalgic heft, no?


I often make things more complicated than they need to be. This sweater is a lesson in not doing that .


Very lovely story! I found my way over here from Color Joy. Your essay is really eloquent and lovely. And how wonderful that the blue sweater has endured in such wonderful shape. I bet when you knit it, you never imagined you'd have it for three decades.


That sweater still looks so new! I love hearing the story about your relationship with that sweater. I have a similar relationship with a blue acrylic sweater that I knit for my son -the sweater has made it though his two younger sisters as well. Wool wears so much better than acrylic, lol! But with luck, it may make it to a grandkid or two.

Janet Szabo

Deb, what a great story! My mother won't let me throw out the very first sweater I made (I think I was 18 or so). It's not my best work (ha!) but she has squirreled it away somewhere.

Thanks for the walk down your memory lane.

Joanne Seiff

What a meaningful and careful post! I know exactly what you mean, both about the sweater, and the friends... I cherish a "hiking" sweater that I have had for perhaps 15 years...but I also own two sweaters knit by my mother, 40+ and 55+ years old, respectively.

I too have moved around a lot, and miss my friends, some long gone. However, I have such wonderful new cyberfriends to take their places! Thanks for reminding me of that...

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