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October 12, 2006


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Deb, what a thoughtful piece of writing and just what I am struggling with right now. sometimes, I just want to make big, blocky sweaters that show a lovely pattern like fair Isle and put my energy in that direction. fitting does take work. thanks, mary

Deborah Robson

Mary, just FYI: You will probably love a series of three books that Donna Druchunas is working on. They offer step-by-step worksheets for people who want to work with traditional sweater shapes. The first, Ethnic Knitting: Discovery, will cover exactly the sweater shapes you're describing--the mainstays of many people's everyday wardrobes for many years. They're like big canvases for playing with stitch patterns, too! It will be out (assuming I get back to work now) in October 2007.

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