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June 10, 2008


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I'm passing the Kazakhstan book on to my friend whose son is from there.

Janice in GA

So I guess the photo rights belong to Spin-Off in perpetuity, huh?

I'm pretty interested in cotton spinning right now. I have an Indian charkha and a Babe Liten Spindle in addition to my flyer wheels. But I'm thinking about improvising something with an old bicycle wheel I have....

Did it take a long time to get the mini T-frame?

Deborah Robson

I got my mini-T a long time ago. I'd drop a note to Stephenie and Alden and ask about timing ( http://pweb.jps.net/~gaustad/ ). It's worth a wait. Budget permitting, ANY of their cotton-spinning tools would be a treat. I've also spun on a Bull Pup, which has the advantage of being accelerated (higher ratios . . . cotton likes lots of twist). Stephenie is incredibly knowledgeable about cotton spinning. She got me to love it!


//Psst!// It looks like the link to the pdf isn't working properly.//endPsst!//

What will you do with all the cotton you spin?

Deborah Robson

Thanks, Ted. PDFs always seem to be reluctant to make clean links, but I think I've fixed it.

The cotton I'm spinning? Just playing with a variety of kinds, mostly because I haven't spun cotton in way too long.


I haven't spent a lot of time with cotton. Maybe I need to work at it again.
I have books about it....maybe I should read them. Hee, hee.

Also, how do you find time for all of the things you do? I haven't read a whole book for myself in a long time. I don;t think the ones I read to the kids count. But I bought The Omnivore's Dilemma months ago and have only read the first few chapters. It's that pesky spinning and lace knitting always tapping my shoulder.

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